MATERIAL - It is made from 100% paper straw. This is great summer sun hat. It is breathable, airy flow and light weight. Elastic chin strap if needed.

ONE SIZE - This hat comes in one size. Brim is 4 " wide It fits most heads comfortably.

CARE - Please clean only dirty spots. When you remove dirty marks from straw, use a cloth dampened with water and mild detergent (always test on an inconspicuous area first). Go over the spot rapidly and then press it dry with another piece of cloth.

EFFORTLESS STYLE - This gorgeous design wide floppy brim hat constructed with a round crown and braid band with cowrie shells for detail. 

SUN PROTECTION- Always be prepared to protect yourself from the sun's rays with wide-brim sun hat. The paper straw weave allows air to flow freely and cool your head while the wide brim protects your eyes and face from the intense sunlight.

Bahama Beach Hat with Braided Band and Cowrie Shells


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